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How It Works
The OAT Professor Will Help You Raise Your OAT Score
The OAT Professor is the #1 site in online OAT preparation. We provide high quality online training study guides designed to prepare you for the experience of taking the OAT exam. Our study guide questions are created by educators and instructors with years of experience. You are provided with quality feedback as you progress though the study guide. The OAT Professor is the best way to master the exam.
How do I become a member?
Begin studying right away. Click here to register. While setting up your membership you decide how long you would like to study with the OAT Professor. There are full year, 180 day, and 90 day options. In case you need additional time you can purchase the extended access time for a nominal fee. Once you are registered you can study the material at any time you want 24 / 7.
Study the Way that Suits You Best
We don't all study the same way. When we designed the OAT study guide system we made sure that the content could be used in multiple formats. Thus the OAT Professor offers various studying methods that allows you to study to your strengths.
On top of this you have the option to take a complete topical exam or a random exam. Each topical exam simulates a portion of an actual OAT exam. Meanwhile, with a random exam you can choose the length of the exam; a convenience for those who don't have enough time to do a full exam. Random question content is taken from all of the full topical exams as well as from a large pool of questions only found in the random exams. You can take the random quiz many times and never get the same question.
The OAT Professor provides you with three different OAT study modes
The study mode that simulates the exam. Answer all the questions then receive feedback. The OAT Professor adds up your score and informs you as to your progress as well as what you need work on.
Receive instant feedback. Right after you answer a question, learning mode tells you if you got the question correct or not and provides an explanation. This is a great method for focusing on the topics as opposed to a complete exam.
Flash Card:
Need to quickly go through the content? Flash card mode provides you with the question, options, answer, and explanation all at the same time.
How It Works